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writer, they/them, 29

haikyuu!!, bts, daiya no a, ffxv, the west wing

above art by @001teyu on twitter

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500 wordsfive dollars usd
1000 wordsten dollars usd
+500 wordsadditional five usd

  • i will write nsfw at no extra charge

  • i will not write mcd, underage, rape/non-con

  • if i go over negotiated word count, i won't charge you extra

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Haikyuu!! SFW

Haikyuu!! NSFW


  • All the King's Men: A FFXV Zine (complete!)

  • Le Chat Noir: An FFXV Nyactis Zine (complete!)

  • I Do, I Do! A Misawa Wedding Zine (complete!) take my hand (set me free)


  • Paradise: An UshiTen Zine (Writer Mod)

  • Oubaitouri: A Seijoh 4 Zine / Until It Breaks: An NSFW Seijoh 4 Zine (Writer/Shipping Mod)

  • All the Stars in the Sky: A Bokuaka Wedding Zine / Polaris: An NSFW Bokuaka Wedding Zine (Writer/Shipping/Head Mod)

Author's Picks

hello, darling: 9.6k, rated e.
hanamaki takahiro/matsukawa issei.

One thing he finds pretty consistently attractive, though, is suits. He’d like to think this hasn’t developed since Matsukawa started wearing them to work, but he’s also honest with himself on rare occasions, even if he doesn’t examine the thought process too closely. There’s a decent amount of dudes wearing suits jacking off on the Internet, and he’s doing his normal search when he comes across a video he’s never seen before.

And so he clicks on it.

“Hello, darling,” says the guy in the video, and holy shit.

Hanamaki would know that voice anywhere.

read it here

every single thing i have: 7.7k, rated t. akaashi keiji/bokuto koutarou.

There’s no bell on the door to announce his arrival, but the man behind the counter looks up from his book right away. Even from a distance, Bokuto can feel the weight of his gaze as the shopkeeper looks him up and down. He slips the glasses from his nose and onto the counter as he stands.

“Welcome, traveller,” he says, and the way his silken voice travels across the store pushes the last thoughts of the siren from Bokuto’s mind. “Do you require assistance today?”

“Uh,” says Bokuto eloquently.


Bokuto needs protection that only Akaashi can provide, but in order to get it, he'll need to make an even trade.

read it here

the pull of you: 13.2k, rated t.
azumane asahi/kageyama tobio/sugawara koushi.

Kageyama Tobio once had a career in volleyball, but that all went down the drain when he injured his shoulder. A year later, he's working a dead end job with no end in sight when someone from his past quite literally runs into him—and that's the night his life changes completely.

read it here

can't walk away from you: 16.1k, rated e. kuroo tetsurou/sawamura daichi.

Daichi and Kuroo have a good thing going. They're friends who have sex sometimes. It's great for both of them, really, and Daichi has no desire to complicate it by adding his own feelings into the mix.

But Kuroo needs a favor, and it's one that will have Daichi grappling with the depths of what's in his heart, for better or worse.

read it here

the great msby bus breakdown of 2019: 1.9k, rated t.
akaashi keiji/bokuto koutarou,
side kuroo tetsurou/meian shuugo.

“What do you mean, the bus is broken down?”

Bokuto’s panicky tone is what wakes Shuugo from his nap; the words don’t sink in for a moment, but by the time they do, Coach Foster has already sighed and patiently explained to Bokuto that yes, the bus is broken down, the driver has gone for help, and everything is going to be fine.

“I’m never going to see my family again,” Bokuto replies, blinking once.

read it here




  • HQ Cyberpunk Bang 2020 (complete)

  • HQ Polyam Bang 2020 (complete)

  • HQ NSFW Big Bang 2020 (complete)

  • Bokuaka Exchange 2021 (complete)


  • HQ Sin Central White Day Exchange 2020 (complete)

  • HQ Sin Central May Exchange 2020 (complete)

  • Bokuaka Week 2020 (complete)

  • HQ Polyam Bang 2020 (complete)

  • Bokuaka Week 2021 (complete)

  • Bokuto Week 2021 (complete)

  • Bokuaka Exchange 2021 (complete)

  • Kurodai Server Stocking Stuffer Event 2021 (complete)

  • HQ Vampire Bang (creation period)

  • HQ College AU Week (upcoming)

About Kou

(art above by the wonderful incredible amazing ickypea)

29 years old, pansexual, polyamorous, nonbinary. Pro-shipper and not sorry about it. I'm an escape room host in the real world, which is as close as I can get to having fun for a living. Writing is what keeps me sort of sane. I live in a tiny apartment with my two cats, Seaborn and Lemon. I prefer felt tip pens and collect merch like it's going out of style.

If you have more questions, feel free to DM me! If you're chill, I'm chill.